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Looking for help with your supply chain?

Our candidates can help you with everything from coordinating distribution and shipping to managing and sourcing your supply chain
-Planning – This includes identification of products and services, specifications, part requirements, procedures, work instructions, name and contact of potential suppliers, risk documentation, process and product control document

-Selection of Potential Suppliers – This includes selection criteria for potential suppliers including capabilities, logistics, quality, technical risks and other details.

-Supplier Evaluation and Acceptance – This includes initial agreements, decision documents and other records.

-Finalization of Controls – This includes master agreements, purchase orders, acceptance procedures, specifications and requirements and other records.

-Delivery, Measurement and Monitoring – This includes all records for receiving, inspection, acceptance, results and corrections.

-Feedback and Communication – This includes the correspondence between the manufacturer and the supplier includes any documents and records of CAPA process.
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